This healthy smoothie seasoning is the pride of Kochi!

Leaf garlic nuta that goes well with yellowtail and meat (Shimazaki Wakako Award for the Kochi Gift Contest) example of grilled meat

The “Leaf Garlic Nuta” is a healthy seasoning that is loved for containing a lot of Vitamin A and C, which are hardly found in regular garlic bulbs. By the way, “nuta” refers to “vinegared miso mixed with mustard” in areas outside of Kochi Prefecture. In Kochi, it is made by crushing fresh leaves of traditional vegetable, leaf garlic, and mixing it with vinegar or miso to create a paste-like seasoning.

Furthermore, because it is unheated, the lactic acid bacteria, yeast, enzymes, and polyphenols are not destroyed and remain intact.

In Kochi, leaf garlic is used in sukiyaki and salad dressed with tofu, and is a stamina vegetable in season in winter, rich in aroma and flavor.

In Kochi, this local dish is so beloved that it is likened to “stop crying or I’ll eat yellowtail nuta” to silence a crying child.

Our leaf garlic mashed paste is used by top-class restaurants both in Japan and abroad because of our commitment to the manufacturing process and ingredients.

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Japanese Vinegared Miso with Leaf Garlic Nuta (Refreshment, Full-bodied) How to eat, Examples of use, Various cooking examples (meat, fish, prepared foods, vegetables)

Product Details

Garlic leaf Paste with Barley Miso
【Ingredients】 Organic leaf Garlic (grown in Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture), Additive-Free Miso (Barley, Non-GMO Soybeans, Salt), Rice Vinegar (Domestic Pure Rice Vinegar), Sugar, Sesame Seeds
【Preservation】 Frozen (-18℃ or below)
【Expiration Date】 36 months
【Recommended Recipes】 All kinds of meat (yakiniku, shabu-shabu), white fish (yellowtail, amberjack, squid, whitebait), fried food (thick-fried tofu, tempura), Japanese-style pasta, and more