Authentic taste, faithfully following traditional methods
Smooth sauce that goes well with fish, meat and vegetables

Refreshing garlic leaf paste with a hint of yuzu
About All Additive-Free
1, No chemical seasonings, stabilizers or emulsifiers
2, Natural vegetable thickening, no artificial agents
3, Made with Finest Miso and pure domestic vinegar

Free from commercial thickeners and artificial flavors. Directly produced & sold for low prices. Enjoy our rich organic vegetable smoothie sauce.

About garlic leaf paste Method and Ingredients
Recipes for flavor and health cravings♪
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Recommended for people who:
Prefer raw foods rich in plant enzymes
Never compromise on additive-free and refined sugar-free foods
Are interested in gut health to boost beneficial bacteria
Are concerned about blood sugar, hypertension, or lifestyle diseases
Are interested in foods that increase body temperature and immunity
Are conscious about cancer and bacterial/viral diseases
Not suitable for:
Those accustomed to high-salt, high-sugar sauces
Those who believe cheaper food prices are always better
Those used to foods with artificial flavorings or dining out
Those who see no link between diet and health/beauty
Those seeking the strong bite and aroma of garlic
Those not interested in preventive medicine or dietary therapy
The source of both inner and outer beauty lies in our diet
From Japan’s fertile lands to the world: safe, quality products.

Product Details

Garlic leaf Paste with Barley Miso
【Ingredients】 Organic leaf Garlic (grown in Susaki City, Kochi Prefecture), Rice Miso (Rice, Non-GMO Soybeans, Salt, Syrup), Rice Vinegar (Domestic Pure Rice Vinegar), Yuzu (Juice and Peel), Sugar
【Preservation】 Frozen (-18℃ or below)
【Expiration Date】 36 months
【Recommended Recipes】 All kinds of meat (yakiniku, shabu-shabu), white fish (yellowtail, amberjack, squid, whitebait), fried food (thick-fried tofu, tempura), Japanese-style pasta, and more