We have heard from our customers that commercially available Genovese sauce contains a lot of salt and preservatives. We have created a product that allows you to enjoy the authentic taste of a restaurant-like sauce at home without any additives.

For those of you who seek real taste and health.

The taste recognized by the masters of Italian cuisine in Japan can be easily prepared at home by simply mixing the ingredients.

Genovese, made by an organic farmer with the best ingredients and methods, is…

Recognized and awarded by a famous chef

Organic ingredients, no preservatives, no coloring, no chemical seasonings, and a health-conscious approach to cooking is what tastes best in the end!

Product Details

Garlic leaf Paste Genovese style
【Ingredients】 Organic leaf garlic (from Susaki, Kochi), extra virgin olive oil, cashew nuts, Pine nuts, organic garlic, Himalayan salt, natural cheese, black pepper (contains some dairy ingredients)
【Preservation】 Frozen (-18℃ or below)
【Expiration Date】 36 months
【Recommended Recipes】 Pasta, pizza, bruschetta, buckets, hot root vegetables, gibier, all low-fat meat dishes